Every actor needs a good headshot, it is essential to landing that next big role. As an actor you must be trained and prepared to act in front of the camera or on stage. The same goes for having a good headshot session. Here is a list of things we require before getting to your shoot:


  • Getting a good nights rest
  • Being positive and open to direction from the photographer. Many times a position may feel awkward but in camera it looks great.
  • Arrive camera ready which means to have your makeup and hair done. Light touch-ups are ok but be ready to shoot when you arrive.
  • If you think you need a hair cut then you probably do.
  • Make sure your facial hair is taken care of.
  • Bring your own hair care products
  • For females its best not wear heavy makeup unless it is intentional for a particular role.
  • If you go to a makeup artist to have your makeup done please tell them you are going to a have your headshots taken so they can do your makeup the right way.
  • Have your wardrobe selected and nicely pressed. If your clothes look dirty and wrinkled it will not look good for headshots unless you are going for a bum look which maybe the case.
  • No plaids, stripes, shiny, see through, or bad fitting clothing. Sometimes certain patterns and shapes can have adverse effects on the camera and cause moire which is bad. So bring some other options if you have any questionable clothing.
  • Bring a couple clothing options in case what you are wearing is not the best look on camera. And everything shold be on hangers.
  • Know your best looks. Most working actors know their best side and have their signature look down and so should you. This is not to say that is all we will shoot but its good to know so we can for sure nail it the look.
  • Any retouching that is requested may take up to 5 days to complete depending on how busy we are.
  • After the shoot you will leave with a thumb drive of all your pics in raw and jpeg form. Special sized files are available on request. See in the Book Now section.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above items please email us.